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The Golden Triangle is going through a period of tremendous growth! Nearly 50 major public, private and transportation infrastructure projects are underway or planned over the next five years. The Shift team is here to help mitigate the impact of possible challenges created by construction and provide transportation choices to make it easier to get around. Check out the shift blog to stay up-to-date on the latest Golden Triangle transportation resources and experiences from commuters, residents and families in this area.

    A Commute that Wins!
    by Shift San Diego | Jun 26, 2017

    Congratulations to Sean, Director of Global Engagement & Advancement for UC San Diego. He was the winning recipient of May`s iCommute monthly prize package from SportsRX, which included a pair of sunglasses, a $50 gift certificate, and a water bottle. Simply by logging his alternative commute trips in his iCommute account, he was automatically entered in the monthly prize drawing. Sean shares his commute experience to encourage others to give it a try and shift the way people get to work.

    “My first day commuting to UC San Diego took 20 minutes to get to campus and over two hours to get home. Coming from Boston and using the subway system to commute before that, I wasn’t sure if a two-hour return commute was the exception or the rule. I used my first night of work to research commuting options and found out that the COASTER was the most convenient form of public transit for me. Now I take it daily from Encinitas and it is only a 35-minute commute each way.

    Riding the COASTER gives me a way to decompress on the way home from work. It also helped me with my studies when I was completing my part-time MBA allowing me to study and do work while commuting. And, I save money. It is actually cheaper than driving. I have to pay for parking, so the COASTER is cheaper when you consider the parking fees and at least two tanks of gas per month. The benefits of a COASTER commute make me feel like a winner already; the prize is just an added-bonus.”

    Feeling inspired and curious to find a new way to get to work? Take it from Sean and try a different commute. Use the TripPlanner to compare different transportation modes from Point A to Point B and figure out what might be best for you. Make sure to log your trips at least 8 times per month in TripTracker to be automatically entered in the iCommute monthly prize drawing. There are different prizes every month.  In June iCommute will be raffling two $100 gift cards for Amtrak and in July the prizes will be two $100 gift cards for Alaska Airlines. 



    Jun 26, 2017
    Bike to Work Day: A `Wheel` Good Time Commuting to Work with the Community
    by Shift San Diego | Jun 07, 2017

    More than 10,500 visits at 100 pit stops throughout San Diego County were recorded on Bike to Work Day, May 18. Eleven of those pit stops were located in or adjacent to the Golden Triangle community. Pit stops offered fun breaks for both new and experienced bike riders to rest and pick up a FREE t-shirt, snacks, and encouragement. Thanks to these neighbors for hosting a pit stop:

    • Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Biocom, and Vertex Pharmaceuticals: 10931 North Torrey Pines Road
    • Aroma Housewares Co.: 6557 Mira Mesa Blvd, San Diego 92126
    • Competitor Group: Park & Ride under the 56 & 5 freeway merge
    • Cycle Quest: Located in the Sorrento Valley Coaster Station
    • Illumina: 5200 Illumina Way
    • Leidos and JLL: Corner of Campus Point Dr. and Campus Point Court


    • LPL Financial: 4707 Executive Dr.
    • Qualcomm: Northwest corner of Lusk Blvd. and Pacific Center Blvd. 

          Bike to Work Day - Qualcomm (5)

    • Scripps Memorial Hospital: On Voigt Dr. (near 9850 Genesee Ave.)
    • Surfrider Foundation San Diego: 9399 La Jolla Shores Dr.
    • UC San Diego: 9500 Gillman Dr. (Town Square Plaza at University Center)


    For more event photos, click here.

    Keep up the way you travel to work and GO by BIKE. Click on these links for more information on GO by BIKE, riding tips, and bike safety and security.

    Jun 07, 2017
    Biking revelations: Save time and feel like a kid again!
    by Shift San Diego | May 15, 2017

    Take it from Jim. His bike commute to work is 16 miles from Carlsbad to Torrey Pines. As an avid biker for 43 years and with 18 years of experience working in the retail bike industry, he is an advocate for biking and is helping others to join in the experience. Jim was the featured speaker in the second annual Bike 101 Seminar hosted by Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Biocom, and his employer – Vertex Pharmaceuticals.  He said he with started off biking one day a week to work and then began riding more, increasing to 3 days a week. He now commutes by bike up to 200 days a year, traveling over 6,000 miles! He advised that if you are just starting out, you may want to consider a longer, easier route if the shorter route might be more difficult.

    He also shares his perspective about the benefits of biking. His comparison shows getting your workout done by biking while also shaving a bit of time from your commute routine.


    In addition to Jim, Pedego Electric Bikes representative Sean also presented at the seminar and gave information to the attendees about electric bikes. Sean comments, “An electric bike is just like a regular bike – only better! You can pedal normally (or not) & get assistance up to 20 MPH. It feels like being a kid again!”

    So tune up your bike and get ready to ride. Bike to Work Day is coming up on Thursday, May 18. Register here to be eligible for a free t-shirt at any of the 100 pit stops throughout the region. We would love to hear from you about your bike commute experience and learn about the shift you made in your commute. Email us your story at


    May 15, 2017
    Discover a new way to get around the Mid-Coast Trolley Construction
    by Shift San Diego | Apr 24, 2017

    Pedestrian Bridge Demolition. Photo credit: Moises Peña, MCTC

    Construction activities for the Mid-Coast Trolley extension continue in the University City area, along Genesee Avenue and at UC San Diego (UCSD).  This month crews demolished and permanently removed the pedestrian bridge at Executive Square and Genesee Avenue and installed a new temporary pedestrian crossing at the street level. Eventually this will be replaced by the new Executive Drive Station, which will also serve as a pedestrian crossing.

    Rendering of Executive Drive Station.

    This spring, crews will be preparing the roadway for construction of the viaduct - a bridge structure that will carry the trolley down the middle of Genesee Avenue. Crews will start widening southbound Genesee Avenue to relocate utilities, constructing the viaduct on the UCSD Campus, and working on the Gilman Drive Bridge structure. During this time, there will be ongoing, intermittent closures of on- and off- ramps and lanes at the La Jolla Village Drive exit on Interstate5. For more information or to sign up for project updates, please visit

    During construction, there may be times when it might be easier to take an alternative route to work. Make sure to check out the Shift interactive map to access real-time traffic information. You can view which routes are free-flowing and which are congested to help you plan your commute. Also, use the trip planner to compare alternative commutes, such as carpool, vanpool, transit, bike or walk. Enter your origin and destination in the trip planner, press the “Let`s Go” button, and discover a new way to get around.

    Apr 24, 2017
    Mobile Ticketing Has Arrived with Compass Cloud
    by Shift San Diego | Apr 14, 2017

    MTS and NCTD are changing the way San Diego moves with the Compass Cloud. The new smartphone app is making it easier to purchase transit passes on the go. Here’s what’s new with the app:

    • Purchase one-day and 30-day passes right from your smartphone by using your credit, debit, prepaid debit card, or PayPal account. The app saves your payment information so getting more passes on the go is a snap.
    • Use passes immediately after making a payment using the Compass Cloud.
    • Stock up on passes and activate as you need them or ride with friends and family with the Multiple Riders option.

    The Compass Cloud tickets are accepted everywhere your Compass Card is - MTS Bus, Rapid and Trolley and NCTD BREEZE, SPRINTER and COASTER.

    To learn how to use the Compass Cloud, click here.

    For more info on the Compass Cloud and to read frequently asked questions, click here.


    Apr 14, 2017
    A Sunset Commute
    by Shift San Diego | Apr 03, 2017

    Debra is a newcomer to her alternative commute. She takes the COASTER from her home in San Marcos to get to her work site at Illumina. Her daily commute as a solo driver can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. On days when she can ride the COASTER, her commute is approximately 20 minutes and is less stressful. Through her change in commute just six months ago, she has traveled almost 1,600 miles using the COASTER, which equates to 800 pounds of CO2 reduced and savings of over $200. Read about her experience of how she got started.

    Q: What motivates you to commute alternatively?
    A: I’m motivated to take alternative transportation to save wear on my car, save money on gas, and avoid the stress of traffic.

    Q: How did you get started?
    A: A family member shared the information with me and then I took the train. It was super easy and convenient.

    Q: How often do you commute alternatively?
    A: I try to as much as possible. I currently average about 3 times a week and I work remotely one day a week as well.

    Q: What do you like about your alternative commute?
    A: You can enjoy the view, read, and relax at the end of the day.

    Q: What is the most challenging part your alternative commute?
    A: When there is bad weather like rain, it can be really challenging to find cover at the train station. There are rare occasions when the trains shut down as well.

    Q: How does your company support your alternative commute?
    A: They provide the opportunity to pay for transportation with pre‐tax dollars and also offer complimentary shuttles to and from the coaster station. They also have raffles and social media for commuter groups.

    Q: What advice do you have for people who want to try an alternative commute?
    A: Don’t be afraid to try it. It’s really easy and convenient.

    Q: What are the benefits of your alternative commute?
    A: Less stress!

    Q: With your choice to use the COASTER when you can for your commute, you`ve been able to save over $200 in the last 6 months. What do you plan to do with these unexpected savings?
    A: While it’s always nice to buy something for yourself, I plan to save the money for a rainy day.

    Q: Describe an enjoyable experience of your alternative commute.
    A: Recently on a ride home, we got to see a beautiful sunset from the window. It was gorgeous. We also saw the red brake lights of traffic on the other side and we were glad to not be stuck in bumper to bumper traffic!

    Take it from her and try a different commute to work. Use the trip planner to compare different commutes from Point A to Point B and figure out what might be best for your new commute.



    Apr 03, 2017
    A Rideshare Commitment Lasting 30 Years and Counting
    by Shift San Diego | Feb 23, 2017

    Meet Sandra. Sandra was honored at a vanpool appreciation breakfast event for being the longest serving vanpool driver at UC San Diego. She has been vanpooling since 1985,the same year Dionne Warwick’s hit song, “That’s What Friends Are For,” went to number 1. At the time, little did Sandra know that her commitment to vanpooling would allow her to make friends and build lasting relationships all over UC San Diego. 

    Sandra started vanpooling soon after seeing some flyers for vanpool riders around the campus. She was traveling from Poway to work and was motivated to save wear and tear on her car. With a vanpool, she and her fellow riders save approximately 90 minutes of commuting each day by selecting an early time to meet up each day.

    Sandra shares some additional benefits of being in a vanpool, “I have built multiple friendships with other riders and it’s a great way to learn about what’s going on at different departments. As an added bonus – riders don’t have the stress of the daily traffic and can get re-energized in the afternoon by taking a nap,” shares Sandra.

    Over the years, Sandra became the vanpool driver for the group because she loves to drive. She used to operate a 12-15 passenger van, but now drives an 8-passenger van. She is the primary driver for her group 5 days a week.

    She loves the camaraderie of her vanpool and shares an important rule for their group that has worked for them. “A top rule is to be civil to one another. I am very fortunate because our group is pleasant and respects each other. We have a great vanpool dynamic.”

    Take it from Sandra,Join a vanpool to relieve traffic congestion, stress, carbon emissions, etc.”

    As one of the largest employer vanpool programs in San Diego County –with 58 vanpools - you can say that UC San Diego staff are fans of vans. A round of applause to her and UC San Diego.

    For more information about vanpooling, visit:

    For real-time traffic and construction information in the Golden Triangle, visit:

    For those who are already using an alternative commute to get to work, like vanpooling, make sure to sign-up for the Guaranteed Ride Home Program here:


    Feb 23, 2017
    Share Your Input on Mobility Hubs at Mid-Coast Trolley Stations
    by Shift San Diego | Feb 14, 2017

    SANDAG recently initiated the Mid-Coast Corridor Mobility Hub Implementation Strategy, a study that will identify ways to potentially improve connections to Mid-Coast Trolley stations, making transit a more attractive and convenient option for nearby residents and employees. The study is being conducted as a separate effort from Mid-Coast Trolley construction, thanks in part to a federal planning grant.

    Three public meetings were held in January to obtain input on various mobility services and amenities that could be incorporated in and around the Mid-Coast Trolley stations. Three additional public meetings will be held in February, in conjunction with community planning groups in the corridor. Join us at the Old Town Planning Group, Midway-Pacific Highway Planning Group, or the University Community Planning Group this month to learn more and tell us what you think.

    Can’t attend a meeting? Take our interactive online survey. (Participe en la encuesta interactiva en lÍnea y comparta sus opiniones.)

    Mobility hubs feature a range of transportation services and amenities that better connect transit to where people live, work, and play. They are places where different travel options — walking, biking, ridesharing, and transit — come together seamlessly. Supporting technologies like real-time travel information, electric vehicle charging stations, and improved trip planning and payment options offer added convenience for users.

    For additional information about the Mid-Coast Trolley project, visit



    Feb 14, 2017
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