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The Golden Triangle is going through a period of tremendous growth! Nearly 50 major public, private and transportation infrastructure projects are underway or planned over the next five years. The Shift team is here to help mitigate the impact of possible challenges created by construction and provide transportation choices to make it easier to get around. Check out the shift blog to stay up-to-date on the latest Golden Triangle transportation resources and experiences from commuters, residents and families in this area.

    Shift Monthly Construction Update - June
    by Shift San Diego | Jun 13, 2018

    Shift Program Monthly Construction Update

    We’re excited to share updates on some of the major projects that will bring access to new community amenities and resources in your neighborhood. Please note, construction schedules are subject to change. To confirm the below and other work schedules, contact Shift at 844-SHIFT-SD.



    The temporary framework structures used to support a project during its construction

    I-5/Genesee Interchange, SANDAG/Caltrans Project

    This project is expected to be completed this month. Follow @ShiftSanDiego on Twitter and let us know which of the project's upcoming amenities you're most excited to try out:

    • Improved east-west connectivity and access to and from Interstate 5.
    • A new, separated and protected bike path linking the Sorrento Valley Coaster Station to UC San Diego, Scripps Memorial Hospital and Westfield UTC.
    Construction of the pedestrian and bicycle bridge at the I-5/Genesee Interchange

    Mid-Coast Trolley Construction Along Genesee Avenue, SANDAG Project

    Drilling on Genesee Avenue is now complete, while column work for the section of the viaduct, the bridge structure that will carry the trolley, from La Jolla Village Drive to Regents Road on Genesee Avenue continues. Once completed, the construction team will bring in pre-cast tubs for further assembly of the viaduct. While this work takes place in the median, motorists are encouraged to follow signage indicating the appropriate speed in active construction zones. For more information visit

    Construction to build the columns, now completed, for the Mid-Coast Trolley route along Genesee Avenue.

    Gilman Drive Public Sewer Improvements, UC San Diego/ City of San Diego Project

    Construction activity is anticipated to begin on Gilman Drive south of the current work area from the southbound I-5 off-ramp to La Jolla Village Drive and La Jolla Shores Drive/Gilman Drive off-ramp. Work is excepted to start at the intersection of Gilman and Via Alicante and then continue north toward the current work zone. Continued impacts are expected for Gilman Drive, from La Jolla Village Drive to Via Alicante, until late summer 2018.

    North Torrey Pines Living & Learning, UC San Diego Project

    The Living and Learning Neighborhood, located on the west campus between Muir College and Marshall College, just east of North Torrey Pines Road, will be a vibrant, mixed-use comunity. Construction is slated to begin this month, with new student housing expected to be move-in ready by Fall 2020. As part of construction, campus parking lot P207 and P208 will be permanently closed starting June 17, 2018. Access parking alternatives and shuttle service information at

    Rendering of North Torrey Pines Living and Learning Neighborhood
    Let us know what projects you’re most interested in receiving information about via email at or phone at 1-844-SHIFT-SD.

    Visit to sign up for email alerts about major construction updates and access the map of all the ongoing projects.

    The Shift San Diego team

    Jun 13, 2018
    A Neighborhood Like No Other on Campus. (Guest Feature: UC San Diego)
    by Shift San Diego | Jun 12, 2018

    The North Torrey Pines Living and Learning Neighborhood will be an exciting new addition to the UC San Diego campus. It represents a unique opportunity to plan, design and build a vibrant mixed-use community incorporating residential, academic and administrative space.

    Located on the west campus between Muir and Marshall Colleges, the Living and Learning Neighborhood will also feature dining and retail space as well as parking. With plentiful open space and a pedestrian and bike-friendly layout, the new neighborhood will be a welcoming space for all who are there to live, learn, work or visit.

    Read more about it on the campus newsletter This Week @ UC San Diego and view renderings on the NTPLLN website.

    To learn about other construction projects happening in the Golden Triangle and University area, visit the interactive map on Shift.

    NTPLLN_Ridgewalk View Dusk

    Jun 12, 2018
    Integrating Commute Alternatives in a Company`s Sustainability Plan
    by Shift San Diego | May 31, 2018

    Celgene, a scientific research company that is, “committed to improving the lives of patients worldwide,” has recently launched an advancement of their internal initiative to sustainability by becoming a participant of the iCommute Employer Program. Celgene already has a strong commitment to sustainability by implementing program efforts such as several educational and directional signage for recycling and disposing. Employees are also strongly recommended to take advantage of using the eWaste and battery recycle program the company provides. Celgene began integrating alternative commute choices as another sustainable component as they already have a group of employees that take advantage of the showers, lockers, and bike racks at the facility.

    This year, Celgene decided to integrate commuting into their growing sustainability efforts by having Shift San Diego, iCommute, and Waze Carpool participate as vendors in their 1st annual Earth Day Fair event. The planning for this event began at least six months prior to April. Part of the planning process, Celgene distributed the iCommute survey to employees, which helped to identify employee commute needs and motivations. “The commuter survey analysis report identifies the priorities on which commuter program enhancements are proposed and developed through management staff,” says Patty, Employee Transportation Coordinator for Celgene. ``It`s wonderful to see that 76% of our employees are interested in trying a different commute that is more sustainable and that we are able to support them in their efforts.``

    The initial action steps after compiling Celgene’s commute survey results included hosting a Waze Carpool/iCommute tabling event and a free iCommute bike education tune-up at their Earth Day Fair and in tandem preparation for Bike to Work Day. The next commuter event that Celgene will participate in is the iCommute Carpool Incentive Pilot, which will provide each participant with 10 free Waze Carpool rides. With a baseline employee single-occupancy vehicle rate of 83%, Celgene is well on their way to reducing this and continuing to improve the lives of their employees.

    If your company would like to enhance or develop a commuter benefits program, contact the Shift San Diego team at

    Employees at Celgene`s Inaugural Earth Fair featuring teams from Shift San Diego, Waze Carpool, and iCommute`s employer bike tuneup serviced by Cycle Quest.

    May 31, 2018
    Bike to Work Day Commuters Share Their Experiences
    by Shift San Diego | May 25, 2018

    Thursday, May 17 was Bike to Work Day, an event celebrating those who choose to travel sustainably by biking to work. With 100 pit stops scattered throughout the San Diego region, more than 10,950 riders stopped to get a free commemorative t-shift, refreshments, and words of encouragement. Several bike shops also set up bicycle repair stations to make sure everyone’s bikes were in top working order. Some had food trucks, live music, and one even had a helicopter for photo opportunities!

    Scripps Memorial Hospital Pit Stop Team

    Out of the 100 pit stops, nine were in the Golden Triangle.  Employers hosting pit stops included Qualcomm, Illumina, Alexandria Real Estate, Scripps Health, and UC San Diego. Some were inspired by the Bike to Work Day festivities to try biking to work for the first time while others were seasoned riders who bike to work on a regular basis.

    First time BTWD riders Liz Aguilar & Wilson Rodriguez

    Check out what your neighboring commuters had to say about biking to work:

    • “I gave biking to work a try today because I wanted to take advantage of biking in sunny San Diego and see if I can bike to work more.” – Rohini (works at Qualcomm)
    • “I’ve done other bike rides before so I wanted to try biking to work. It’s a great day to take part when the community is out supporting it.” – Liz (works in Golden Triangle)
    • “I would much rather spend 45 minutes biking with the wind in my hair and enjoying the sun than being stuck in a car in traffic.” – Nancy (staff at UC San Diego)
    • “My bike ride is only 3 miles but when I go home, I make a workout of it and ride 17 miles. I like the cool breeze as I ride.” – Jason (works at BD)
    • “I like to bike to school when I can because parking is a challenge here and costs more than biking.” - Ni (student at UC San Diego)
    • ``Biking to work is a bit more expensive than driving because I can stop by and try new places to eat. It makes me happy to bike and eat.`` - Roman (works at General Atomics)
    • ``I don`t like to sit in traffic. I like to get around on my own, be out in the open air, and being able to exercise. Sometimes I spontaneously bike on a trail on the way home from work.`` - Tony (works in Golden Triangle)

    For more resources to help you Go by BIKE or to find secure bike parking, visit iCommute. For suggestions on apps to help you track your ride, visit Shift.

    UCSD Student Ni Zhan


    May 25, 2018
    Sharing the Road: Tips for both people on bikes and drivers
    by Shift San Diego | Apr 26, 2018

    As you prepare yourself for Bike to Work Day, May 17, remember some key tips of the road provided by the League of American Bicyclists for people riding on their bikes:

    1. Follow the Law

      Obey traffic signals and stop signs. Ride with traffic, use the rightmost lane headed in the direction you are going.

    2. Be Predictable

      Make your intentions clear. Ride in a straight line, signal turns, and check behind you well before turning or changing lanes.

    3. Be Conspicuous

      Use a front white light, red rear light, and reflections when visibility is poor. Make eye contact.

    4. Think Ahead

      Watch out for turning vehicles and ride outside the door zone of parked cars. Look out for debris, potholes, and other road hazards.

    5. Ride Ready

    Check that your tires are sufficiently inflated, brakes are working, chain runs smoothly, and wear a helmet.

    Remember that the driver is not the only one entitled to the road. Bikes have as much of a right to the road as a vehicle. Here are some key tips for drivers by the American Safety Council:

    1. Scan Your Surroundings

      Look twice for bikes before turning left or right onto a road.

    2. Be Alert

      Check before opening your car door when parked on a street to avoid opening it onto a bike’s  path.

    3. Make Room

      If the lane is too narrow, if there’s oncoming traffic, or if you don’t have enough visibility to pass…don’t. In fact, it`s the law. A driver passing a bike must have at least 3 feet clearance between any part of the vehicle and any part of the bike or the person riding it.

    4. Don’t Honk

      You could startle the rider. Make eye contact and, if you make a mistake, everyone loves a courtesy wave.

    5. Be Patient

    People on bikes have a rightful place on the road. Take a moment to realize that this person could be your family member, neighbor, or friend.

    There will be 100 pit stops across the San Diego region with a good number of them in the Golden Triangle and University City area.

    Make sure to register for Bike to Work Day to get a free shirt at any of the pit stops while supplies last. Have fun and grab a colleague or friend to ride into work.


    Apr 26, 2018
    Helpful Tips for a Carpool Commute
    by Shift San Diego | Apr 12, 2018

    Carpooling has never been so easy. Waze Carpool connects riders and drivers who are along your route and allows you to request rides from them directly! Here’s some helpful tips:

    1. Add your typical work time commute

      To be matched with potential carpool, it is necessary to include your commute time frames.

    2. Add your work/school email and address

      By doing so, your co-workers can find you and you are added to the network of people at the organization. If you didn’t sign up with your work address, you can still add it to your profile by editing your profile and selecting add workplace.

    3. Add a photo to your profile

      Carpoolers can get to know their prospective carpool partners by including a profile photo.

    4. Link your public profiles on social media

      This helps people verify who you are and builds a layer of credibility.

    5. Sit shotgun and make a friend 
      The app facilitates connections between members of the same community, workplace or educational institution. As such, we hope riders take it upon themselves to get in the front seat with their neighbor, colleague and/or classmate.

    Be part of the movement to connect with the community like never before, reducing environmental impact, the cost of commuting and strain on global infrastructure. To download the app and begin carpooling, visit:


    Apr 12, 2018
    Illumina’s Heroic Efforts to Ease and Eradicate Traffic in All Ways
    by Shift San Diego | Mar 28, 2018

    Illumina has made great strides to encourage their employees to take alternative commutes to work and it shows in their company culture. Illumina received a Diamond Award last year for their efforts which included: monthly commuter prize drawings, hosting a Bike to Work Day pit stop, participating in Rideshare Week, an intranet commuter page, and offering a vanpool subsidy.

    “Illumina has been actively working with the Shift/iCommute team to encourage employees to take advantage of a portfolio of commuter benefits and resources. We want to provide a supportive culture for our employees to make sustainable commute choices that lead to cost savings on their commutes, improving their overall wellbeing and helping the environment,” Facilities Coordinator Kelsey Sanchez states.

    Meet some of their employees and find out which way they choose to get to work. Cheers to these every day heroes that help to ease and eradicate traffic by not driving alone to work and commuting alternatively.

    Blaire commutes to work in a carpool.

    Here’s Roger showing off the Compass Card he uses to commute by transit!

    Miriam shares a ride in a vanpool to get to work.

    Ludovic often chooses to “GO by BIKE” when commuting to work.

    Residing in University City, Jenn walks to work.

    James gets to enjoy the beautiful view of the coastline when he commutes to work via train.

    For more information on transportation solutions and how you can be a hero, click here.

    For employers who want to participate in the iCommute Employer Program, click here.

    Mar 28, 2018
    Trying New “Waze” to Get to Work ​
    by Shift San Diego | Mar 16, 2018


    Need help finding someone to carpool with? Waze Carpool does the work for you and transforms the traditional way of finding a carpool buddy into an app! Recently introduced in San Diego, Waze Carpool makes getting a ride and giving a ride easier for commuters. Special for San Diego, Waze Carpool is offering a promotion from February 1st through April 30th in which commuters in select ZIP Codes could get a Waze Carpool ride for only $2! The following are some questions we have received from fellow commuters at promotional events throughout the community.

    What ZIP codes apply to the $2 flat ride promotion?
    Commuters traveling TO or FROM the following ZIP Codes can get $2 Waze Carpool rides:92121, 92126, 92131, 92123, 92128, 92102, 92130, 92129, 92108, 92116, 92104, 92105, 92115, 92182

    What if my home ZIP code is not listed in the $2 flat ride promo, but what if my work ZIP code is listed?
    Whether a rider is commuting to or coming from one of the ZIP codes listed in the promotion, the rider qualifies for the $2 flat ride special through April 30th.

    The $2 promotion is until April 30th. How much will rides cost after that?
    Drivers earn the national standardized reimbursement rate of $0.54/mile. Riders will never be charged more than  $0.54/mile. But the driver can offer rides for less or even make them free!

    Are drivers hired by Waze Carpool?
    No, the drivers who use Waze Carpool are fellow classmates, colleagues or neighbors  going in the same direction as you!

    What if I just want to use Waze Carpool with my co-workers?
    The recently updated Waze Carpool app features a filter that can be applied if a rider wishes to view carpool matches of only co-workers. Using your work email and word address in your profile helps maximize the ability to find fellow co-workers. To help promote Waze Carpool and other carpool resources at your workplace, the Shift/iCommute team can host a ZIP Code Party event at your company. The more your co-workers know about the resources and how to navigate them, the better chances you have of finding a carpool match with them!

    For more information about Waze Carpool, click here.

    To download the app, click here

    Mar 16, 2018
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