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Share the Ride

Expand your social network and share your commute with friends and co-workers.

Rideshare Resources
  • TripPlanner: This tool is a simple and secure way to find a carpool or vanpool partners. Carpools and vanpools can take advantage of carpool lanes, I-15 Express Lanes, and Park & Ride lots throughout the region.
  • Vanpool: What would your commute look like if you shared the ride in a vanpool? A vanpool is a great way to share the costs of getting to and from work with five or more people in a van or SUV. Vanpool participants generally pay less than $100 per month to get to work. Designated vanpool vendors, Enterprise and vRide, offer month-to-month leases that include maintenance, roadside assistance, registration, and insurance costs. Drivers have access to the vehicle after work hours and can even log personal miles. Sharing your commute in a vanpool saves money, time, and the environment too. Choose your ride and save!
  • Guaranteed Ride Home: Makes sharing your ride even easier. If you carpool, vanpool, take transit, walk, or bike to work, you have a safety net with the Guaranteed Ride Home program. Registered participants can get a free ride home in a taxi or rental car up to three times per year in case of a personal or family emergency, illness, or unscheduled overtime. Learn more and sign up online.
  • Park & Ride: There are 90 Park & Ride lots in the San Diego County region and southern Riverside County that provide convenient places to meet up with your carpool or vanpool buddies. Park & Ride lots provide bike lockers and secure bike parking too.
  • Carshare services give you access to a car 24/7 without the hassle or cost of owning one. Multiple carshare companies operate in the San Diego region and provide vehicles to members for a set rate:      
    • Turo: A peer-to-peer carshare program which owners arrange pick-up and drop-off.
    • ZipcarService allows users to pick-up and drop-off a Zipcar in a designated space
On-Demand Ride Services
  • These providers offer rides on-demand, using smartphone apps that connect passengers with drivers and are able to process payments. The following services are available throughout San Diego County:
    • UberPOOL and Lyft Line operate like an on-demand carpool by matching travelers that request rides along a similar route, allowing passengers to share the cost.headed in the same direction headed in the same direction
    • Uber for Business and Lyft for Work are corporate-sponsored transportation options that allow employers to either cover the cost of rideshare services for their employees, or integrate rideshare services into pre-tax benefit plans. These services can help reduce stress for commuters by providing a connection to/from transit while helping employers deal with limited parking.
  • Need a ride? Call 511 and say “Taxi” or call direct. Base fare and rates are displayed on the meter and include a flag drop charge plus a per-mile and/or a per-hour charge, subject to change.